Electrical Engineering

Program Overview:

The increasing use of electrical energy in all aspects of life and the continuous development of electrical devices, requires the preparation of practical (engineering) engineers, planners and consultants with practical and scientific experience. An electrical engineer working in the field of advanced industries, high-tech, in the public and private sectors, and plays a major and important role in companies specialized in the generation and transmission of energy, as well as electrical engineering offices, and companies working in the field of building and construction, infrastructure, industry, services and maintenance in the field of electricity and energy.
The education program at Al Qasimi College of Engineering and Science includes important courses in the field of mathematics and physics, electrical science, power devices, high pressure and electrical machines, in addition to a series of courses in the field of digital systems, control devices from several courses in the college laboratories in parallel with the lectures so that the student has theoretical and practical scientific knowledge.
Education path period is 2 years